Carpet Cleaning: DIY or Hire a Pro?

It is a fact of life: if you have carpets, they’re going to get dirty. So, what are you to do when the holidays are approaching quickly and your home has been volunteered as the site of festivities? Should you clean the carpets yourself  or spend the money and hire a professional? Carpets can be … Continue reading Carpet Cleaning: DIY or Hire a Pro?


Domo Arigato, PR2?

(I revamped an old blog post, but all of the information remains true, as Willow Garage is still working with the PR2 robot. There is a ton of new information available on their website. There's also been a price drop for those interested in buying a Personal Robot; the price has decreased from $400,000 to … Continue reading Domo Arigato, PR2?

Driving Safety – OSHA Template

(This is boring and very technical) Purpose This program is written to be in compliance with local regulatory requirements and provide directives to managers, supervisors, and employees about their responsibilities in the operations and management of COMPANY vehicle safety. Key Responsibilities COMPANY Safety Manager: The designated Safety Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining the … Continue reading Driving Safety – OSHA Template

Gene Controlling Circadian Rhythms Implicated in Bipolar Disorder

By manipulating the “Clock” (Circadian Loco-motor Output Cycles Kaput) gene in mice, scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center have created the first animal model for use in studying bipolar disorder. The Clock gene is responsible for encoding the protein that regulates both the persistence and length of our circadian rhythms. When subjected to a series … Continue reading Gene Controlling Circadian Rhythms Implicated in Bipolar Disorder